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    Not Happy In Your Relationship?

    YOU are the key to making YOU happy!

    YOU are the key to making YOU happy!

    Only You Can Make You Happy…

    Relationships aren’t always easy, but they don’t have to be too hard either. A common sense approach is what’s needed.

    When you are together, are you connected and interested in what each other have been doing and how you are both feeling, at least some of the time?

    Do you feel appreciative that you have them in your life?

    Do you wait to pass judgement on certain things, and tend to give them the benefit of the doubt?

    Are you a kind, helpful, happy person to be around?

    These things are not necessarily hard, but often we don’t even think about them.

    There is something else too, and this is probably why we don’t pay attention to the above.

    We have to be happy with ourselves before we can give properly to a relationship. I mean, what do we think – that our partner is rescuing us from a life devoid of happiness?

    So many people look at the relationship they are in to determine if they are happy or not in life. This is most definitely a huge mistake you can make for yourself and for your relationship. It won’t take long to realize that if you rely on the actions of your other half to create the happiness in your life, you will be on a constant roller coaster of emotions, with no stability at all.

    People in happy, stable relationships understand this concept well. They don’t rely on each other to make them happy personally, they do things that they enjoy and that bring them happiness for themselves. This is the key to being happy. You must make the decision to do things that make you feel alive and enthusiastic about your life. It is unfair to expect your partner to be able to figure that out for you. That is never going to work.

    If you or your partner has done something to harm the relationship, then of course you may feel unhappy about that. But that is the harmful event that makes you unhappy, not your partner. We cannot read each others minds, so we need to take responsibility for our own actions that will lead us to a happy life. If you believe that someone else can make you happy just by being in a relationship with them, this is very unlikely.

    The way it works is that couples who are happy with themselves and their life, typically make good partners. If neither partner questions their own happiness, and doesn’t mope around wondering whether their partner is happy They are just happy with life, and that rubs off on the relationship as a whole. Happiness, optimism and enthusiasm for life lends itself to a happy, loving relationship perfectly.

    Simplicity is key, sometimes we just over think everything, look at trivial, unimportant issues and take them to heart. For example, if we are waiting for our partner to compliment us on a new look, or purchase. If the partner doesn’t notice the change fairly quickly we take it personally and think that means they are inattentive, or not interested in us. This is not usually true, it is just that we are all busy in our own little heads, and do not spend most of our time worrying about what is in other peoples thoughts.

    We should not make any assumptions about our partner. You won’t always be thinking about or wanting to do the same things. Give each other their own space. It is perfectly normal and healthy to live in your own happy way, as long as it is not interfering with the relationship in a harmful way. You are the only person that can make you happy. It is great to be able to say that you are happy with someone, or that your partner makes you happy. But you have to realize that it is probably largely due to the mutual respect you have for each others wishes, and knowing that it’s fine to do your own thing. The main message here is that if you are happy in your own skin and with your life, the more likely it is that your home life, relationships and family affairs will naturally fall into place.

    Happy Customers

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